Places to Visit


Patna View Point aka Burusgala as locals call it is a natural formation in Gin River that resembles a slide. Situated close to Deniyaya town just outside of Sinharaja Rain forest this site attracts many tourists specially on weekends and public holidays. You can reach patna view point by taking Enasalwatte Road from Deniyaya. You […]

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Gatabaruwa Rock Temple

The historic “Gatabaruwa Rajamaha Viharaya” and the temple of god “Rajjuru Bandara” are located on the Gatabaru hill, 1500 feet above sea level, on the Galle-Deniyaya road at the village of kotapola in the Kotapola division, Matara District of Sri Lanka.The Gatabaru cave temple is placed in a very scenic environment between the Rakwana mountain […]

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Sathmahal Ella

Sathmala Falls is 45 m high and 10 m wide. It is located 12 Km away from Deniyayain Matara District, Deniyaya-Pallegamaarea. Sathmale Ella is the tallest fall in the Gin Ganga River and it splits into seven levels(Hathmala). It is popular among both local and and foreign travellers.

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